Hello Brooklyn! Roofest 2014 Poster Design

Celebrated the first day of Summer 2014 up on the roof in Brooklyn with a bunch of friends and beer and BBQ. Shout out to Ellis Ashbrook – had [...]

This Car Climbed Winter Hill Bumper Sticker

The White Mountains meet Whitey Bulger in this hyper-local twist on a classic New England design.

Celebrate life’s achievements with a This Car Climbed Winter Hill bumper sticker.
Love my [...]

Defend Keytar Bear

Couldn’t believe my reading eyes today when I saw on Universal Hub that somebody up and smacked the Keytar Bear.

I’ve been seeing this guy around town for a few [...]

Meet Me in Magpie (in March)

The scene: Davis Square, Somerville.

Been going to The Burren with my Guinness-loving family for the longest. Spent a few years slinging ribs at Redbones, ate a lot of cornbread, [...]

Meet Me in Davis Square, 2014 Note Card

Let’s get a slice. A coffee. A burrito. Let’s catch a flick. Grab a beer. Dance. Chow some BBQ. Go shopping. Honk a horn. Either way – Meet me [...]

Happy Birthday Big Guy – Birthday Card

Seems like it’s always somebody or other’s birthday at work, and it’s hard to find an appropriate stationary for that situation. You don’t want to be be boring and [...]

Poster for Ellis Ashbrook at The Space Palace

One of the highlights of Summer 2013 was a raucous rooftop party at The Space Palace in Brooklyn, with Ellis Asbrook wailing away as the sun set behind the [...]

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    Occupy Boston Poster On Display at William Paterson University

Occupy Boston Poster On Display at William Paterson University

Our Occupy Boston poster design took on a life of its own shortly after the online release back in 2011. It is currently on display at William Paterson University [...]

Wolf Tits in Charlestown

Tough to get a decent photo of this giant Wolf Tits piece from the MBTA Orange Line (between Sullivan Square and Community College). Managed to grab some quick video [...]

Howard Storage, Roxbury

Newest addition to the Boston Neighborhood series, one of my favorite behemoths in Boston, the gigantic Howard Storage building near Dudley Square in Roxbury.  Note cards and postcards coming [...]

Happy New Year, Boston

The Citgo Sign on a skateboard? Looks like 2014 is going to be extremely rad.

New Balance Fenway Park Holiday Card

Had a blast working on this holiday card for the good folks at New Balance, featuring their very cool sign at Fenway Park in Boston.

Any excuse to draw Fenway [...]

Red Sox World Series Parade

What a run for the 2013 Boston Red Sox! Their wild postseason run culminated in a parade through Boston last Saturday, and we set up shop on Boylston Street [...]

2013 Boston Red Sox #BeardStrong

Congratulations to the 2013 Boston Red Sox – World Series Champs!

Candy Corn Over Kenmore Square – World Series Edition

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s Game 5 in St. Louis, the Red Sox and Cardinals will be returning to Boston and the friendly confines of Fenway Park on [...]

Candy Corn Over Kenmore Square – Sketches

Found the original sketches for the Candy Corn Over Kenmore Halloween card, the design that launched South End Textiles and The Kenmore Kollection.

On Our Walls: Neck Face ‘Drink About It’

This was shipped to my office/day job, and I was like “I probably shouldn’t open this here.”

Finally unrolled this Neckface beauty the other night. A run of 150 from [...]

Happy Friday the 13th

Jason seems like the kind of guy that would get T’ed up for hanging on the rim after a dunk. His coach would be pissed, but Jason would show [...]

Boston & Somerville Stationary at Magpie

Fresh batch of Boston & Somerville stationary dropped off at Magpie in Davis Square today.

Whitey Bulger Paper Dolls in Dig Boston

Get out your scissors! Our Whitey Bulger Paper Dolls are featured in this week’s Dig Boston. Shout out to Tak at the Dig for the ongoing support.

Download your very [...]

“Thanks James” – Naismith Tribute

As a kid growing up on the mean streets of Stoneham, MA., when my friends and I weren’t watching Larry Bird and the Celtics running-and-gunning, we were out shooting [...]

Searching for Keith Haring in 2013 New York City

Browsing the stacks at Rodney’s in Cambridge a few weeks ago, and stumbled upon Keith Haring, The Authorized Biography by John Gruen. It’s a an oral history with great [...]

Boston Love Postcards: Stoneham Strong

I grew up in Stoneham, and still have family there. I have relatives on the Stoneham Police dating back to the tar pits. I love Stoneham.

On Monday April 15th [...]


Surreal day gets sadder by the minute. God bless the folks that run into the chaos and get busy helping. Love & hope to Boston.